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Carolyn Hartevelt Psychologist

Castle Hill, Sydney

Are you feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious, tired, irritable, angry, not coping, stressed? 

By attending counselling with me I can help you to gain insight, to process, to feel more in control, and to learn new skills and strategies that will empower you to function and approach life in a more fulfilling way. 

I provide a warm, welcoming, confidential and respectful environment that is comfortable and relaxing. The sessions will be goal-oriented and you will feel validated as I listen to you and facilitate to help you to gain a better understanding of your situation. 

I am a registered Psychologist located in Castle Hill, and I work with adolescents, adults and couples with a range of presenting issues.

Counselling is helpful to gain insight into what you are currently journeying through and to learn strategies to bring about a change to your circumstances, so that you no longer feel stuck or trapped. 

Please contact me to make an appointment.     


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Carolyn Hartevelt Psychologist, Castle Hill, offers various evidence-based, therapies. Help with Anxiety, Trauma, and Stress